About Figtree Label

Figtree-label is founded out of love for leather bags. All bags are handmade on Ibiza, or custom-made if you want. You can order the bags with your own favourite colour leather and decide what lining you want on the inside. All bags are unique, one of a kind, and come with a series number.

It is all craft work and a honest product. Furthermore, the bags are all-in very basic colours, earth colours, different from a lot of bags sold on Ibiza. They are big, sturdy and tough. Great bags to take to the beach, luxury leather beach bags. The lining is mainly from good linnen or cotton, again in basic colours. Why not?

Besides figtree-label, I also have a collection vintage furniture and accessoiries called ibiza-warehouse. Here you can find a lot of things all gathered with love on markets throughout the world. Things/ furniture I like and hopefully you to.

Hope you enjoy the collection!




More about Figtree Label

The love for vintage goes way back, I used to work on second hand markets in Amsterdam and also as a stylist for various commercials and movies/ tv series. A very good combination, markets and styling! The nice part is also that you can be unique, most items are one of a kind.

Figtree-Label offers a nice and unique collection of handmade bags. The material for the Figtree-Label (Ibiza bags and really a must have) ar gathered all over the globe, from markets and shops everywhere in Europe and beyond.

Note that all pieces are unique and most of them are only one of a kind